What We Do 

Greentopia is a consulting company specializing in finding solutions to enhance food safety, security, and sustainability, with the added benefit of reducing pollution, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions. We provide ways for anyone to make an impact, whether it be through a hydroponic tower farm installation, through urban farming projects, or even educational series on sustainability. And we do this while tackling multiple Sustainable Development Goals.

Greentopia Japan aims to solve a host of crises brought about by soil-based farming, by bringing highly efficient growing methods to our urban centers, providing fresh, healthy, and nutritious produce while freeing up resources and land for more sustainable uses.


Toxic Runoff


Soil-based 'modern' farming is taking an environmental toll.

Deforestation is the primary means to create new farmland, while removing important carbon sinks and destroying delicate ecosystems. 

Meanwhile we are depleting our supply of phosphates with reckless mining practices, and even worse fertilization methods – upwards of 20% of phosphates and 60% of nitrogen ends up as runoff, creating vast oceanic dead zones and threatening fresh water supplies globally. 

Rampant pesticide use also threatens our water supply. And it’s frightening just how much water is wasted – 70% of global water supply is used to irrigate, but 40% of that is lost to the environment! For all the efficiency of modern farming, these are just some of the damning inefficiencies.

Farms are subject to the whims of Nature...



Climate Change

A flood or windstorm can destroy thousands of tons of produce in hours. Droughts can occur at anytime, and the ravishing effects of climate change are reducing our arable lands: wet areas are getting wetter, dry areas are getting drier, and the solution so far has been to raze forests to make way for new farmland. 

Our Farms are Far! And there lies the danger...

Transportation Emissions

Transportation Networks

Supply Chain Concerns

Our farms are very far from where we actually eat! Our produce must be transported 100's if not 1000's of kilometers to get to our city centers, emitting greenhouse gas emissions every step of the way, and opening ourselves up to crisis. When civil unrest unfolds, or the transportation system is disrupted, how does your food get to you?

What's the Solution? 

Greentopia aims to sell and lease hydroponic growing solutions and other urban farming technologies 

to help environmentally-minded individuals and companies make a meaningful impact on their 

Sustainable Development Goals. 

Advantages of Aeroponics

Aeroponics is a subset of hydroponics which allows more oxygen to reach plant roots, creating healthier, more nutritious, and faster growing plants. 

Some key advantages:

Aeroponic and hydroponic technologies can thrive both indoor and out, on rooftops, in greenhouses, or even on your balcony!

How does it work?

Seedling in a growing medium

Ready for transfer

Modular systems

At it's simplest, growing aeroponically only requires sunlight, water, nutrient mix, and electricity to run a pump.

Seeds are started in a growing medium such as rockwool or coconut coir until the root system is developed enough to place into an aeroponic system. Generally this can take 2-4 weeks. 

Once placed in the system, nutrient infused water is periodically cycled through the closed system, feeding the plant's developing root system. Timings are established such that the roots have time to 'air-out', absorbing valuable oxygen which promotes explosive growth. 

In as little as 3 weeks, you can have outrageously delicious, nutritious, organic and fresh leafy greens. 

A variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers can be grown. A fairly comprehensive list of over 150 plants is available here.