Greentopia Farms

The dream of Greentopia Farms is to educate and enable people from all walks of life, and to invigorate and inspire them to initiate meaningful change- real change with real benefits: for the mind, for the body, for the soul, and for our EARTH.

Greentopia Farms is a unique educational center and family entertainment destination with a focus on agricultural innovation and education, environmental stewardship, healthy, active, and nutritious lifestyle choices, and an advocate for a harmonious life with nature.

Greentopia Farms wants to teach YOU how to grow and harvest food no matter where you live, to use and leverage advances in agricultural technology, and to help you enjoy nature responsibly by fostering a deep understanding and caring for the environment. It will be an actual working farm complete with various fruit, flower, herb, and vegetable fields, greenhouses, recycling center, accommodations, and family activities.

The Farm will focus on 3 core principles – Environmental Stewardship, Education, and Experience, each of which is reinforced through play, guidance, and immersion. This means that all activities at the farm will have common goals of educating, inspiring, and instilling a sense of moral duty to safeguard the environment.


The education component is multi-faceted, and strives to be immersive and interactive. Planned areas of guidance are: farming methods, urban farming workshops, hands-on planting and harvesting, greenhouse construction and maintenance, using geothermal energy and heat sinks for heating and cooling, using renewable energy and energy storage solutions, soil care, soil-less systems like hydro-, aero-, and fogponics, natural pest management measures, reuse/recycle and composting to reduce waste, the importance of insects, their habitat, and how and why to support them, erosion and deforestation countermeasures, herbal medicine and more.

It is our hope that the skills learned through interactive exhibits and workshops at Greentopia Farms will equip urban dwellers with the skills and passion necessary to become urban growers and community action leaders.

Core competencies will be taught which enable city dwellers to transform their urban environment into a green oasis of calm and relaxation.


The entertainment aspect of the farm ensures we attract families – the most important change initiators we can appeal to, as their change in consumer behavior can drive entire economies. Entertainment ideas include:

  • Forest Course

An obstacle and challenge oriented forest adventure. Navigating the forest both high and low, solving problems, and learning about nature along the way. An adventure for all ages with varying challenge levels - each one being educational, interactive, and fun.

  • BBQ Zone

With access to locally grown produce, plant-based meats, and local livestock, visitors can participate in barbecuing with friends and family, and learn how to barbecue safely, efficiently, and responsibly.

  • Glamping

Live with nature, from very rustic cabins to high-end luxury tents. Unplug and unwind, and try life on a modern 'farm'. Learn how to 'make-do' with limited resources, or learn the old methods that still work today.

  • Restaurant

Organic, locally sourced and prepared meals served all day. Cooking workshops, how-to lessons on preparing nutritious recipes, and vegan/vegetarian options. We focus on sustainable farming practices that lead to delicious results!

  • Food Fun

Workshops that focus on food production: fermenting foods, mochi, sake distilling, etc.

  • Spa

An on-site wellness and relaxation spa, featuring organic herb cleansers, facials, smoothies, supplements, etc.

INNOVATION ( & Renewables)

Lastly, there is the innovation and renewables component, where we strive to showcase new technologies, as well as field-test prototypes and assess potential solutions.

Greentopia Farms will utilize renewable energy as much as possible via wind, solar, and geothermal. By utilizing geothermal energy, even just mild temperature difference in the ground, we can regulate greenhouse temperatures - even main building temperatures. There’s no AC used here!

Through partnerships, we aim to be a testing ground and exhibition location for new technological innovations, highlighting new energy storage solutions, agritech developments like automated weeding solutions, pest control robots, and fruit & vegetable picking machines, as well as the latest technologies in hydro-, aero-, aqua-, and fogponics.

By coming to Greentopia Farms, families and individuals can learn all about what it takes to grow food, how to live more harmoniously with nature, and how to effect action in their community.

We are currently looking at potential sites to launch Greentopia Farms and are happy to speak with potential investors and partners.

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