What does Hydroponics Look Like?

A Single Tower

A typical tower utilizing aeroponics to grow strawberries, with a capacity for 40-80 plants in the space of 0.65 sq meters (7 sq feet).

Tower Clusters

Lettuce and most leafy greens grow to full maturity in just three weeks!

Tower Farm

Daisy-chained tower gardens help you grow a variety of produce under controlled conditions in a tower farm.

The other 'NFT' - Nutrient Film Technique

These lettuce plants are growing in a commercial NFT system - where nutrient-rich water flows over the plant's roots.

Utilizing roof space and a heat-retaining greenhouse to house an NFT system

This is an example of an extremely economical union of multiple 'green' technologies that make growing viable in otherwise adverse conditions.

Hydroponics at its simplest

No soil, just water, sunlight, and nutrition.

Zig Zag systems

Low maintenance and great for small areas.

Healthy Roots

Very well-fed root systems in a Deep Water Culture (DWC) System.