Hydroponics at Seisen International

The 10 Week Course

The Grade 2 girls have spent the last 10 weeks learning all about growing food hydroponically - that is, using a nutrient-rich water rather than soil. This particular version of hydoponics is called 'aeroponics' because in addition to getting perfectly balanced nutrients, the plant roots also get plenty of air circulation, providing ample oxygen necessary to carry out metabolic processes. This results in faster growth, larger yields, and healthier veggies - while using significantly less water and fertilizer.

Students tracked growth with careful measurements each week, as well as inspected for pests and signs of disease.


Ready for the Tower!

Growing Well!

Magnificent Mizuna!

Mr. Richard (Mizuna)


DIY Planter Kit

Rainy Day Lessons

Day 1

Day 14

Day 28

Day 48

The children grew peas, tomatoes, rainbow chard, frilly lettuce, butterleaf lettuce, sunny lettuce, romaine, kale, mustard greens, chamomile, basil, shiso, and more! We had 2 mini harvests during the course and will finish with a final Farmer's Market Harvest on May 30th!

A few select shots from the course...

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