Outdoor Tower (5 Pots / 150cm) Starting at ¥90,000

Outdoor Tower (7 Pots / 178cm) Starting at ¥120,000

Outdoor Tower Starter Set ¥105,000

One 5-pot tower, pump, timer, nutrients, and 20 seedlings to get you growing outdoors on day 1!

Indoor Tower Starter Set ¥180,000

One 5-pot tower, pump, LED lights, timers, nutrients, and 20 seedlings - everything you need to get started right away!  

Extra Seedling Set ¥2,500

20 Seedlings of your choice. Please place your order here.

Tower Cleaning Service ¥5,000

We'll come to you and replace your tower with a clean one! No need to get dirty or fuss with any tools!

Leasing Option⭐ ¥35,000

Not ready to purchase a tower just  yet? Lease one for 3 months to see if hydroponic growing is right for you!

Note: all prices include consumption tax. 

Additional delivery charges may apply for towers outside of Tokyo 23 Wards.

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